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Enhance your natural nails with high quality gel polish or traditional nail polish. Your nail health and hygiene is our focus.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish Manicure          45

incl removal                       55

Nail art                               10+
Please discuss at time of booking

Gel Polish Pedicure           55

including removal              65

Gel Polish Soak Off           25

includes file & buff

Standard Polish
File, Buff & Paint               25
Mini Mani                          45
inc file, buff, cuticles, moisturise, polish

Deluxe Mani                      70
mini mani plus scrub + massage

Mini Pedi                           50

inc file, buff, cuticles, heels, moisturise and polish

Deluxe Pedi                       75

mini pedi + soak, scrub & massage

Please note - we are unable to remove SNS, Gel or Acrylic