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All of our skin treatments are customised to suit you and your desired results. Your senior therapist will always consult with you first to ensure you will get the most from your treatment. "Relaxation with Results" is our mantra and all of our skin therapies include our signature facial pressure point massage. 

We proudly use Ultraceuticals; an award winning Australian cosmeceutical range created to achieve real, visible results for every skin type and concern.

Customised treatment courses available.

All facial treatments are suitable for both men and women. 


Signature Facial - 60 mins - 125

For those wanting to relax – a tailor made facial designed to either clear, brighten, soothe or nourish. Includes face, head, neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage.

Perfect as a gift for a loved one or to yourself!

Petite Facial - 30 mins - 70

A great refresher treatment including the essentials to give your skin a boost. Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, serums and your everyday essentials are applied to help you glow on the go.

Skin Restore Ritual - 60 mins - 145

Self Care & Skin Care combined in this luxurious facial with a holistic touch. Begin with a gentle Lactic Peel to refine texture, Gua Sha Stone Massage to relax and a Hyaluronic Jelly Mask to restore moisture levels. 

Brightening Facial - 50 mins - 135

Including an AHA peel suitable for your skin plus a vitamin infusion this treatment is designed to have your complexion looking bright, and radiant.

Holistic Facial Journey - 60 mins - 140

The ultimate destress experience to nurture your skin, body and mind. A gentle, hydrating facial with our popular Hydrojelly Mask plus various stone and crystal massage over the face, head, neck, shoulder, hand and arms.

TONE Facial Massage - 90 mins - 295

Experience Facial Massage like never before with 90 minutes of varied movements designed to sculpt and tone, reduce fluid retention, relieve muscle tension and of course - to relax! Includes intraoral buccal massage working within the mouth to relieve tension on the jaw and cheek muscles. Cleanse, HydroJelly Mask, head, neck, shoulder massage, Gua Sha stone massage all included. 

*For expecting Mum's this is only suitable during second trimester.


30 mins

Lactic Peel - 100

A gentle yet effective peel that refreshes skin by lightly resurfacing and increasing moisture levels at the same time. Beneficial for almost every skin

Mandelic Peel - 110

Brighten, clear, decongest and reduce inflammation all within this peel. Great for dull, clogged, and oily skin. Our choice of peel before extractions.

A Zyme Retinol Peel - 165

A fast acting, deeper peel that combines pineapple enzymes and high strength Retinol to visibly resurface and plump skin. This powerhouse peel will visibly improve uneven skintone, refine and rejuvenate.

Brightening Peel - 115

High powered mask and peel combination that uses 8 different skin brightening agents to safely reduce hyperpigmentation, melasma and uneven skin tone. Recommended in a series of treatments.

BioRePeel - 195
Course of 3 - 495

A revolutionary high strength TCA Peel combined with Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, B and Amino Acids to treat acne, scarring, pigmentation, photo ageing and for glowing, glass like skin!
Recommended in a course of 3, 10-14 days apart. Not suitable as a first time peel without suitable homecare.


Radiance Trio - from 195+

Including a peel and mask chosen for you paired with Omnilux LED to exfoliate, repair, plump and hydrate all in one! Great as an overall freshen up or maintenance treatment. Includes head, neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage.


Your therapist will customise two peels to layer targeting multiple concerns at once followed by a HydroJelly Mask to soothe skin and leave you glowing.

*Must have had individual peels prior. Not suitable for all skins.


combined with Enzyme Lymphatic Therapy - 90 mins - 210

A paste is applied to gently raise the skin's PH to an alkaline state to swell, soften and dissolve dead skin cells. A great way to resurface a thick textured, congested or scarred skin. 

This process also works to remove fluffy facial hair and is available on it's own for hair removal. 

Perfect on the body for Keratosis Pilaris, Folliculitis and Ingrown Hairs - POA


75 Minutes - 165

With Peel - 199

A treatment like no other, designed to rebuild your skin while restoring cellular nutrition and supporting the skin's own healing process. It work to naturally dissolve dead cells and to remove toxins and impurities through lymphatic drainage. It's also a workout for your facial muscles helping to tighten and firm! Head, hand & arm massage included.


A Medical Grade device using light to energise your cells resulting in many benefits:

- Stimulate collagen production and cell renewal

- Rejuvenates and Plumps

- Repairs and Strengthens

- Reduces Facial Redness

- Healing

Recommended in a course for best results.

Single - 90

Add on to Facials - 70

Course of 4 - $320

Course of 8 - $600


Transform your skin with minimal discomfort or downtime! Micro Needling or CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is the ultimate rejuvenation treatment that will refine pores, treat pigmentation, reduce acne scarring and fine lines as well as improving overall skin health. A medical grade device creates tiny pin point channels into the dermis to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Recommended in a course of treatments

Numbing cream available for deeper treatments

if needed at additional cost

Single -  250

Course of 3 -  650


A gentle buff your skin! This superficial exfoliation uses a diamond tip wand and suction to remove dead skin cells, brighten and smooth. A great pre event treatment or also as an add on to advance other treatments.

 Mini Micro - 80

Express treatment to give your skin a quick revive

Micro + Infuse - 135

After buffing away dead skin cells we follow with a treatment mask and 3 step vitamin infusion.

Micro Add On - 45

Combine with other treatments


Treatment Mask  +30

Hydro Jelly Mask  +40

Extractions 10+

Vitamin Sonopheresis Infusion  +35

Gua Sha Massage   +25

Head Massage  +25

Neck & Shoulder Massage  +25

Hand & Arm Massage  +25

Decolletage Treatment  +40

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